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Februar 2024

2023 - Ziellinie & Fotofinish!

NOCHMAL ALLES GEBEN - SIEGERTREPPCHEN - wir blicken zurück auf unser erfolgreiches Jahr 2023 und nehmen Sie mit auf eine Reise in die kurze Vergangenheit.

Februar 2024

Wir verstärken unser Team!

Einstieg im Bereich Junior Talent Management.

Valeria Pirracchio steigt in das Team mit ein und erweitert unser Portfolio im Bereich das Talent Management. Das Scouting, die persönliche Ansprache und das Zusammenbringen der Kundeanfrage und unserer Talente ist ihr Hauptgeschäft. Gemeinsam mit dem Key Account Management und der Geschäftsführung werden wir so noch schneller auf die Anfragen unsere Kunden reagieren können!

Viel Erfolg Valeria, und auf gute Zusammenarbeit!

August 2023

2023 - 3,2,1,....los!

SCHICKANE - RUNTERSCHALTEN - GAS GEBEN - wir blicken zurück auf die ersten 6 Monate und zeigen die Zwischenzeiten der Monatsrunden

September 2021

We strengthen our team!

In the area of employee leasing, we are now actively strengthening ourselves with a Key Account Manager. Ahmet Mehmetukaj takes the lead here and will set new accents together with our customers, employees and the team. Take a closer look as he introduces himself (Link). Or send him an e-mail to get in touch (kam[a]

Good luck and to good cooperation!

February 2023

2022 - Checkered flag

TOP SPEED, FASTEST ROUND, END CLASSEMENT - the year 2022 celebrates its end of season and there are again many news. Take a look, get an idea!

July 2022

2022 - Intermediate

Intermediate Time, Top Speed, Fastest Lap - there's plenty of news from the business units again in the first half of 2022. Take a look, get an idea!

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June 2022

Top Recruiter 2020 | 2021 | 2022

Celebrate the hattrick together with us!

In 2022, be partner is once again one of the top personnel service providers of the year for the news magazine FOCUS and the opinion researchers from STATISTA. Once again, HR managers and applicants voted for us and put us on the podium!

This is proof of our continuous top performance and an incentive for our colleagues to be at the top again next year!

Here you can find more information: LINK

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December 2021

2021 - Race finished!

Our highlights of the second half of the year - summarized in short glimpes and put to the point.

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Weihnachtsgruss 2021 klein

December 2021

We say thanks.

We wish all of you merry christmas and happy holidays. For the upcoming year a good start, good health and also a year with less challenges.

In the sense of joie de vivre we want to give a little joy to people and animals who are not as well off as we are. Therefore we are converting our Christmas budget into a donation for the Children's Hospice Stuttgart and the Dogo Argentino in Not e.V. association.

Seasons greetings,

the team of the be partner Group

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TOP PDL 2021

May 2021



Even in a year of yellow flags and safety car phases (COVID-19), be partner was named one of Germany's top personnel service providers by Focus magazine.

And in 2021, the be partner EXPERTS team reached the winner's podium in three out of four categories: Freelancer Recruiter, Professional & Specialist Search and Temporary Staffing.

Together with Statista, the business magazine surveyed almost 2,000 HR managers in companies and external personnel service providers as well as 1,700 candidates on their favorites.

Also in 2021 be partner was awarded for the quality and selection of the offered positions or candidate profiles as well as the service quality. And that in this challenging year.


By the way: We received the award because we achieved a minimum number of mentions, a minimum score across all evaluation dimensions, and a minimum percentage of recommendations. A result that confirms our performance and drives us forward.

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