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Revved up and ready.

A company with automotive power – be partner: be successful

We think, speak and live cars. And it all started with Fabian Seidl, Alexander von Berg and Thomas Wagner, who established be partner ten years ago. As specialists in the automotive field, together with our team, we are a full-service provider for our customers. The expertise of be partner thus lies in the clever combination of consultation, personnel recruitment and IT implementation – which is unique in this industry.

Professional expertise is not enough, though: we achieve victory with a consistently open and cooperative approach to our customer and employee partnership.

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It started with enthusiasm.

Our passion soon became a success.

be partner was born out of a passion for people and cars – always ready to do better and always aiming to impress the customer. This was the philosophy of founders Fabian Seidl, Alexander von Berg and Thomas Wagner back in 2008. And ten years later it remains unchanged, following many miles travelled, with an established team and plenty of achievements. Our mission to provide companies with sustainable, customised solutions that deliver real added value has always driven our success. As have the trends, included and embraced by our own company which is currently active on the market as a strong corporate group.

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“For me, it is important that our employees receive training specific to their individual requirements and this is an approach we actively pursue. Further training provides us with a competitive advantage. Our employees are fully equipped for the task at hand, something of which I am very proud.”


“Taking an open, honest approach to our customer relationships is indispensable. We need to fully understand the interests of the customer, only then can we provide effective, tailored solutions which are implemented with collaborative effort.”


“In my opinion, the active involvement of every employee in the development of our company is an essential component. Only then are we able to develop new, innovative methods and impress our customers with success.”

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Pole position.

With a successful three-pronged approach.

Problem-solving expertise, professional resource implementation, effective execution of IT solutions. A neatly packaged approach of strengths and competencies from be partner which is further driving the company’s success. Being part of a larger group of companies provides the impetus to consistently work on our areas of expertise, with the aim of creating lasting benefit and paving the way for future success. Get things started with your automotive specialists!

Personnel recruitment

When searching for the most talented employees, be partner Experts is your qualified co-pilot. Formerly known as BWS Engineering, we are now powering ahead as part of a strong corporate group under the be partner umbrella. We have the expertise to source skilled employees and specialist knowledge in the automotive sector, thus supplying your business with colleagues who can offer a top-quality professional partnership. Flexibility is guaranteed with contract staffing, personnel placement and freelancing, while temporary or permanent solutions are provided for resource or capacity shortages.

Victory! be partner crowned “Top Personnel Recruitment Agency 2020”.


As a consultancy with ten years of experience in supplier, quality, ramp-up and business process management, we are familiar with the methods that are effective in getting projects and processes quickly up and running. We have the tools to take on your challenges, ensuring they amount to nothing more than a quick pit stop. We also confront the issues of globalisation, digitalisation and increasing complexity – new challenges for the supply chain, organisation structures being overtaken by economic growth, or IT systems that need to be optimally implemented. So when will you be coming on board?

Digital experts

From devising the solution to its digital implementation. At be partner IT Solutions, we are bringing process optimization into the digital fast lane, above all with an individual IT solution based on Microsoft 365 that uses its own route map and the right communication platform to successfully navigate all those involved across the same finish line. Our employees in Digital Transformation Consulting are exceptionally skilled in dealing with company and product development processes. PEP@bepartner, our own software product for the planning and management of development projects, is in the pipeline. All with the aim of providing the best possible support as you complete your race to the top.

Join us on the starting line.

Benefit from the strong team performance of the be partner corporate group.

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