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Steering toward success.

Driving the racing line with the digital car dealership.

Manoeuvre your dealership into pole position with digitally automated processes. Everything is faster with a digital workflow: approve employee holiday leave at turbo speed, process manufacturer premiums, prepare new vehicle data with a live DMS system connection. Central databases provide clarity: all the information is available in real time – from the workshop to administration and management, as well as external service partners. A quick click and the reports are called up.

Processes are not only more transparent but also optimised through the digital implementation of new key figures, helping to set the ideal path for both workshop and service. Simply put: a digital car dealership means stable processes, less effort, fewer human errors and greater transparency.

Set your course for success with a digital car dealership that has been tailored to requirements by the consultants and programmers at be partner IT Solutions.

Steering toward your success:

Create an Intranet with fully automated data preparation.

  • Knowledge database: all in-house information is combined on a central platform – from Disposition to Human Resource
  • Visualisation of management and employee goals: day-to-day evaluation of target achievement for sales and service advisors; GAP analysis and preparation for reporting
  • Holiday database: a digital workflow efficiently manages and approves holiday leave requests, digitally processed for the employee
  • Marketing action plan: overview of all marketing promotions with detailed background information – accessible for all employees
  • Service and Workshop information: workflow for importing data and quick service evaluations

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