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HERO Scanner

SCAn - Supply Chain Analyser

Through the intelligent positioning of scanners, process chains can be targeted and can be captured.

Identify critical production steps with our SCAn tool. Bottleneck processes in technically complex operations are made visible. Quality-critical points can be included directly.

Through the coupling with comprehensive reporting, you can see the relevant key figures of your production in real time. In addition, our solution is designed to penetrate and holistically view even complex supply chains.

We minimally invasively determine the critical points in your process and position our scanners there.

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Our services here include:

  • Recording of the production process by means of a scanner system
  • Consolidating and evaluating the data in a secure cloud solution
  • Preparation and provision of the results in PowerBI reports

What do you need to bring with you?

  • Power supply to the scanner stations
  • Support in the installation of the system on site

How do you benefit from SCAn?

  • Reduction of the time for the creation of reports (automated report creation)
  • Identification of weak points in the production network
  • Optimisation of downtimes/set-up times

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