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E-Mobility in the motor home industry

How can this be done? Our business case provides sound analysis for our client - one of the largest motorhome manufacturers in Europe.

In preparation for a project decision, be partner takes over the preparation of the business case for an electrified chassis as the basic carrier for an e-caravan.

Various influencing factors are included in the economic calculation, from market data to technical concept variants and design variables.

BC schema

Business Case Calculator

All primary factors were included in the calculation and evaluated financially.

External and internal sources were used for this purpose.

The calculation blocks were created variably in order to be able to depict different technological concepts.

The implementation was carried out in a customer-friendly way via MS Excel.


Customer benefits

  • The client received a flexible calculator to calculate different scenarios
  • The client received a calculation of the return on investment based on three variants
  • The client was able to adapt the concept on the basis of various calculation factors

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